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Waiver Form

All children and adults visiting Elkus Ranch to participate in an educational program, provide community service, or attend a group event must provide a signed waiver. Teachers and group leaders receive a copy of the waiver with their program confirmation letter and are instructed to distribute the form to all parents and children before arriving to Elkus Ranch.  

A copy of the form can be downloaded here:  

Elkus Ranch Waiver [English]

Elkus Ranch Waiver [Spanish]

Please give the signed form to your child's teacher or group leader prior to their departure. If the group is already on its way to the ranch, a signed copy of the waiver can be emailed to elkusranch@ucanr.edu or snail mailed to UC Elkus Ranch 1500 Purisima Creek Road, Half Moon Bay, CA 94019. Please call (650) 712-3151 and let us know you have sent it electronically so we can inform the teacher/leader that it has been received in time for your child to participate.   

Camp Health Form

All children attending Elkus Ranch Summer or Winter Camps need to complete a Health Form and bring it the first day of camp.

Camp Health Forms