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Frequently Asked Questions

Elkus Barns

Who owns and oversees the operation of the ranch? Elkus Ranch is operated by the University of California Cooperative Extension Service. Mr and Mrs Richard J. Elkus donated the ranch to the University in 1975. Elkus Ranch Staff are responsible for the day to day operations, programming and maintenance of the ranch and are employees of the University of California Agriculture and Natural Resources (UC ANR) division.

What is located on the ranch? Sheep, goats, chickens, rabbits, miniature donkeys, horses and a llama all live at Elkus Ranch, along with an abundance of native plants and animals. Two sleeping tents on platforms, two restored barns, gardens, a greenhouse and lath house surround the farm house.

How is the ranch funded? Elkus Ranch is funded by a variety of income sources, including program fees, Conference Center rentals, donations, grants, and support from the University of California. UC support represents about 62% of the ranch's annual funding. 

How many adults and children visit the ranch annually? The ranch hosts approximately 9,000 visitors annually. The majority of our visitors come from schools and youth serving agencies throughout the Bay Area.

Is the ranch open to the general public? By special arrangements only. You can view opportunities to visit us or contact us for more information.

Are there volunteer opportunities? Yes, there are numerous volunteer opportunities available for interested people. All inquiries should be made to Leslie Jensen LKJensen@ucanr.edu or (650) 712-3151.

What is the Conference Center? The Elkus Ranch Conference Center is a 4,400 square foot facility featuring a large main room and a commercial kitchen. The Center is handicapped accessible.  Learn more and inquire about rental availability here.

What is the intended use of the Conference Center? This facility is available for day conferences, off-site meetings, workshops and trainings.